The Tri-Regional Stem Cell and Developmental Biology meeting is an annual one-day meeting providing a platform for cell, stem cell and developmental biologists from the research institutes of Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg to discuss the latest results, encourage interactions and foster collaborations.

This informal meeting strongly encourages students and postdocs to present their work in form of a short oral presentation or a poster. Speakers and posters will be selected from submitted abstracts. The program will also contain two keynote lectures.

Registration is free of charge, mandatory, and on a first come, first served basis.


Keynote speakers:

Jérôme GROS, Institut Pasteur, Paris  lab website

Barbara TREUTLEIN, ETH Zürich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering

lab website


Organisation committee:

Dr Juliette Godin, Team leader IGBMC Strasbourg

Dr Anne-Cécile Reymann, Team leader IGBMC Strasbourg

Dr Julien Vermot, Team leader IGBMC Strasbourg


Administrative assistant:

France Chivaille




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